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Hair Loss Solutions For Men in Freehold & Cherry Hill, NJ

Over 50 million men suffer from male pattern baldness, in the United States alone. This has made the hair loss industry a lot of money, but has also offered us many options to treat it. The difficult part is not knowing which treatments work, and which ones are not worth it.
The majority of men inherit their tendency to become bald from their parents and often begins around age 20, but can occur much later. This condition is called androgenetic alopecia and, fortunately, if treatment is started when the problem begins, one can expect very satisfactory results from PRP. When PRP treatment is combined with Formula 82, low level laser therapy, and in some cases Propecia, the odds of success are extremely high.
The best preventative measure one can take is to recognize it early on, and address it. That's where PRP Hair Loss Treatment Center steps in. If you're ready to turn back the clock and grow fuller hair, call 732-859-3193 today!
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